Daily Menu in English

Daily Persian Menu

برنامه غذای روزانه


Daily Persian food Menu:

We have two weekly menus(blue and yellow) that replace each other in a weekly base.

The default time of food delivery is dinner time (5.5-7 pm); If you want your order to be delivered at lunch time (1.5-3 pm), please make a call and check with us before you order.

For view and order a menu , click on your desired day on the calendar.

For each specific day, you can order a menu up to the same day before 10:00 am; If you order after 10:00 am, your delivery date will be next 14 day!

Please check and reassure about the the delivery date before you finalize your order.

Place your order for a single day each time; If you want to order menus for different days; please place an order for each day separately.

Minimum order amounts for free delivery are $35 and 75$ for members and non-members respectively. (Delivery cost is $10)

You can also order other products with the food and get them at the same time.

Week Day Blue Menu Yellow Menu
Monday Rice and Lentil and Chicken Rice And Eggplant Stew
Tuesday Pirozhki(Pirashki) Chicken/Meat Rice and Ghormeh-Sabzi
Wednesday Rice and Celery Stew Rice and Burberry and Chicken
Thursday Rice and Meat (Beef) Rice and Gheymeh Stew
Friday Rice and Green Pea and Beef Rice and Green Bean and Beef
Saturday Rice and Herbs and Tilapia Fish Rice and Fava Bean and Lamb
Sunday Rice and Fesenjoon Stew Persian Soup(Ash-e-Reshteh) and KooKoo